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The oldest leader in the world and is still leading a country and who does not seem to tire and never exercise and don’t like fish is Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, the 7th and twice the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was name one of Fortune’s ’50 World’s Great Leaders’ and just had his 94th birthday on July 10 2019. He writes that makes him shrewd, witty. He maintains his stamina by taking everyday Berocca.


This is an Amazon.com international affiliate website promoting from Malaysia sales and purchases of Amazon’s general products. By virtue of affiliation and as stipulated by Amazon Associate rule “as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” i.e. a very small commission for every purchases you make on Amazon’s products through this website. (Marblous wagyu photo credit: Mayura Station).

My Niche!

This website 和牛 Wagyu 燕窝 Yàn Wō sought initially to provide/channel importers, restaurateurs and for that matter foodie enthusiasts or taste buddies exclusive online sourcing at Amazon’s for the most sought-after:


1. Aroma of the Rising Sun” the succulent, marblous, gourmeting Wagyu: the beef that Melts In The Mouth! – (Arabic: لحم بقر ياباني). It is regretted that only a small quantity of halal Halal wagyu  beef is available at Amazon’s e-marketplace.


Why Wagyu?

Why Wagyu Is So Expesive?

Everybody knows that, it melts in the mouth (marblous Wagyu photo credit: Mayura Station).!

Scientists in Japan claimed to have identified the key components that give the beef it’s specialty – the aroma. The aroma – which some have compared to coconut or fruit – adds to taste buds the meat’s distinctive flavor.

Click texts or images to shop for Kobe-Wagyu Gourmet Burger, Wagyu-Kobe Ground meat Bricks and Kobe-Wagyu Filet Mignon Ternderloin respecttively.

Top Sirlion Steaks, New York Strip Steak T- Bone.

To Moslem patrons all products featured are certified halal by Halal Transactions of Omaha

I have written a brief observation on the significant of Wagyu beef that Melts In The Mouth! But for a resourceful informations on Wagyu grab : The Wagyu Book will teach you about wagyu and how to eat it.

This Japanese-derived beef, highly prized for its tenderness and taste, is making inroads in America. Beef lovers who think there’s nothing new under the sun probably haven’t heard of Wagyu, its place in cattle history and on the plates of future consumers. The Wagyu Book is a feast for the eyes that should set every reader on a course toward a more literal feast, one featuring Wagyu.

Gyro Shawarma – Savor The Flavor


Originating from the Ottoman Empire Turkey in the 18th or 19th century Gyro or Shawarma is doner Kebab. Doner means “rotating grilled meat.” When it was introduced to Greece, the locals named it “gyros,” the Greek word for “turn.” Likewise, when it spread through the Middle East, it was called “shawarma,” an Arabic word for “turning.” When the meat gloriously spins on a cone-shape grill, these names stuck. The gyro or shawarma kebab is served from a large cone that slowly turns and roasts all day, cooking the meat in its own juices. Read further here and here for appreciation of the taste of gyro, shawarma and toppings.



Kopi Luwak – Taste Foodie!

Before I  forget, let me suggest to you to try once in your lifetime the most expensive coffee in the world and portrayed by Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Bucket List” i.e. ‘Kopi Luwak’, the product of or to be more specific the ‘poop’ of Sumatran chivets:



2. And to traditional epicures of the “Yàn Wō’: The Edible Swiftlet’s Nest ‘Caviar of the East” crafted by the bird itself from it’s saliva and produced intuitively out of the many by the only and rare aerodramus fuciphagus specie of the swallow/swiftlet family of which the Wō the nest the Chinese believed contains the elixir of life, provider of prowess libido, rejuvenator of health especially of pregnant woman prior and post labor, and of life longevity.

“Prized for centuries, edible bird’s nest 燕窝 Yàn Wō is a rare delicacy. It is one of eight nutritional treasures and is highly coveted in the Asian culture. Often referred to as the “caviar of the East”, bird’s nest is among the most expensive delicacies consumed by humans. Modern science has decoded the components in swallow bird’s nests. Thanks to that, we now understand the bird’s nest benefits scientifically. …” Read futher Hello Nests.

Surf Hello Nest, Echo’s Kitchen, and Daily Cooking Quest for holistic culinary experiences on Swiftlet bird’s nest cuisines.

Said to boost the immune system, strengthen respiratory functions, and nourish internal organs, they are recommended by TCM practitioners as a cure for bronchial problems such as chronic cough and asthma. Some people use them to complement other treatments intended to combat degenerative diseases. Increasingly, they are used for convalescence, post-natal and post-surgical. When taken regularly, they are believed to improve a person’s overall physical health and their mental dexterity. Read further Flavor & Fortune’s Bird’s Nest: The Caviar of the East

Raw 燕窝 Yàn Wō (Swiftlet Bird’s Nests)


Cream 燕窝 Yàn Wō (Swiftlet Bird’s Nests)


Shoyo (Drink, Soup) 燕窝 Yàn Wō (Swiftlet Bird’s Nestss


Serum 燕窝 Yàn Wō (Swiftlet Bird’s Nests)


For value research on Swiftlet birds producing the edible nests add to your library or museum “Swiftlets of Borneo – Builder of Edible Nests” by Lim Chan Koon (Author), Earl of Cranbrook (Author), Atlas of the Digestive Tract & Salivary Gland of the Swiftlet by Tengku Azmi Ibrahim (Author), Rafiuz Zaman Haroun (Author) and Edible Bird’s Nest: An Incredible Salivary Bioproduct from Swiftlets: The Incredibility of Edible Bird’s Nest by Lee Ting Hun (Author), Waseem A. Wani (Author), Eddie Tan Ti Tjih (Author)


Crazy rich and peculiar therapeutic food is nature’s gifts. If you can’t buy much, buy little what possible but don’t miss. Having a taste of especially 燕窝 Yàn Wō’ the elixir of longevity is life’s opportunity.

Beside Amazon’s this website also promotes rebounder products from Dave Hall’s Don’t Exercise…Cellercise! and Involve Asia’s Merchants Campaigns (banners on your left if you at Home Page and on your right if you are at Blog Page all set up for your conveniences to shop for products and sought for services.

Eating Hazard Remedies


200,000 plus people gave testimonies that cellercising (rebounding or jumpshoot on trampoline), as recommended by Dave Hall, works  hundreds of tremendous health miracles. Click banner above to shop for Dave Hall’s cellerciser or click the images below to shop it from Amazon.


Of course some of us and for that matter far too many of us still can’t afford or make the ten-minute a time a day to cellercise especially to rid of diabetes the dreadful ailment that affect members of modern society in one way or another, young or adult or elders.

We just can’t avoid taking from our food or putting in our food in our daily life sugars the cause of diabetes. Governments financed, medical experts and practitioner have consolidated research and knowledge to come up with substitute to sugar to ensure that we continue to enjoy the sweetness taste of sugar the crave of our life without jeopardizing our health!


Shelves for sweetener and bag to bring them along on field works:

Thankfully to Healthline, I was e-mailed a newsletter with an article entitled “Sugar Substitutes for People with Diabetes” medically reviewed by one Natalie Olsen, RD, LD, ACSM EP-C on of which I am so happy to further share.

Surprisingly the Healthline team recommended sugar substitute (see products above) which contains stevia, monk fruit extract, coconut palm sugar or date sugar etc. (all processed and best be consumed unprocessed direct from fruits) which are available on Amazon’ e-marketplace to shop for supply.


Nevertheless exercising and taking substitution to sugar to prevent diabetes is incomplete without knowledge of what diabetes is and it’s management when one is affected by it to the extend when one is pregnant.

We are fortunate to have one around us an expert on the subject  i.e. Ginger Vieira (pic) who has personally livedand coped with Type 1 diabetes and Celiac disease since 1999, and fibromyalgia since 2014. She has published four bookd to her credit on the subject:

  1. Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes” (2017),
  2. Dealing with Diabetes Burnout” (2014),
  3. Emotional Eating with Diabetes” (2012), and
  4. Your Diabetes Science Experiment” (2011).

Managing type 1 diabetes during pregnancy is an incredibly overwhelming yet rewarding pursuit. It’s about so much more than just counting your carbs and getting exercise. Due to constantly increasing hormones during pregnancy, your insulin needs constantly change, too. While no two women’s pregnancies will be alike, the timing of those anticipated insulin adjustments will be similar. In this book, Ginger Vieira and Jennifer Smith, CDE & RD, guide you through preparing for pregnancy, from conception to birth, and through the challenges of managing your blood sugars during postpartum …

Living with diabetes is non-stop, 24 hours a day. Counting carbohydrates at every meal, constantly adjusting medication doses, taking daily injections, pricking fingers multiple times a day, and struggling with the unavoidable challenges of fancy, yet imperfect, technology can lead to burnout. With compassion, knowledge, and humor, Ginger Vieira provides the tools and encouragement needed to help you get back on track and make diabetes management a rewarding priority. She shows you how to:

  • Set yourself up for success with realistic expectations and goals
  • Implement tips and suggestions to help make living with diabetes easier
  • Learn how to back-off on diabetes management without guilt or shame
  • Build confidence in your abilities to face diabetes every day

“Emotional Eating with Diabetes” is an easy-to-read guide to overcoming the many challenges around food that can develop in a life with a disease that revolves around what we eat. This required focus on food can lead to using food in a self-destructive manner to cope with the tremendous emotional and mental burden that comes with managing diabetes. This book will help you build a relationship with food that leaves you feeling proud of your choices, never deprived, and with the knowledge that you are giving your body and your life with diabetes the compassion that you need and deserve….

This is a book for people with Type 1, Type 1.5 and Type 2 diabetes on insulin who want to gain a deeper understanding of how the basic science of the human body impacts your blood sugar levels and your insulin needs. Written by Ginger Vieira, also the author of “Emotional Eating with Diabetes,” a Type 1 diabetic and record-setting competitive powerlifter. “Your Diabetes Science Experiment” will explain the science behind the most common reasons for your “mystery high blood sugars” and “unexpected low blood sugars.” From there, each “Science Experiment” helps you focus on one specific part of your diabetes management at time, so you can make adjustments in your insulin dosing and your nutrition to prevent those unwanted fluctuations in your blood sugar from happening as often! …

Please read this article to to enlighten you of what to eat to hinder from Diabetes ‘A Low-Carb Meal Plan and Menu to Improve Your Health’ from Healthline.



Woman’s Avant-Garde Paraphernalia

“Don’t you like me for your company? Buy me, I shall be yours, don’t leave me alone here!”Royal Bee Fashion Doll

Welcome to Amazon’s Woman Avant Garde Paraphernalia which I am so pleased to present to you in this post.

Each link-text or image you click shall usher you to the product and gateways to other products, brands, patterns at Amazon’s e-marketplace.

Each product has customers’ reviews, some are many, some are just standard and some are none at all. Many reviews on one item are motivation to buy but I personally prefer to choose what I see attractive and will be beautiful on you. On the eyes of the beholder lies beauty.

I have run over hundreds of models parading the outfits from the formal to the casual and to the loose and I couldn’t go further because of page constraint. You can surf the Amazon’s boutique place for what you think is your best choice.

Let me begins presenting.

I found these amazing:

Amazon’s Everyday Versatile Style


Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick Best Sellers

  • Rouge Pur Couture – The Slim Matte
  • Rouge Volupté Shine – # 48 Smoking Plum
  • Rouge Pur Couture – # 53 Beige Promenade
  • All Hours Foundation Stick – BD20 Warm Ivory




Sunglasses: Christian Dior, BVLGARI, MAUI JIM, Prada

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Round Sunglasses will be most beautiful on you!

Handmade Ornaments:

For handmades I have selected 12 items promoted from the recently closed Amazon Prime Day for your for your shopping pleasure i.e. all woman ring (of size Us L, US M, US S, Us 8, US 7 and US 6; earings and necklaces:


Adults/Senior Girls Jackets


Beauty is Your Soul, Most Fitting for Youngsters/Senior Girls


Anysize Senior Girls




Casual Loose  Youngsters


Trousers Adults/Official


Women Choices of Footwears for all occasions


To conclude, the items you see are the few I have selected out of the many which I can’t post all and of which I see good to my eyes. Wear and buy to wear and don’t be a miser to yourselves. Our personalities need to be brighten with good clothes which will boost our inner spirit which eventually enliven and shines our faces!

Health & Fitness

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