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And being only a  niche website it ventures though in it’s limited capacity but with a big heart serves to channel importers, restaurateurs and for that matter Wagyu (Arabic: لحم بقر ياباني) foodie enthusiasts, exclusive online outsourcing of the most sought-after, succulent, marbling, gourmeting Wagyu beef “Aroma of the Rising Sun” in Amazon.com’s  e-commerce marketplace.

And to traditional epicures of the “Caviar of the East”  the edible Swiftlet bird’s nest عش الطيور.

The Swiftlet bird’s nest, crafted by the bird itself from it’s saliva and produced intuitively out of the many by the  only and rare aerodramus fuciphagus specie of the swallow/swiftlet family, the traditional Chinese believed the Wō – the nest – contains the elixir of life, provider of prowess libido, rejuvenator of health especially for pregnant woman prior and post labor and of longevity.

….. and with the coming month of Ramadan for fast breaking, whence ‘The Great Fast’ begins, the accoutre of the renown Ajwa  عجوة dates!

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