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Why Wagyu Is So Expesive?  TOM

Everybody knows that, it melts in the mouth!

Scientists in Japan claimed to have identified the key components that give the beef it’s  specialty – the aroma. The aroma – which some have compared to coconut or fruit – adds to taste buds the meat’s distinctive flavor.

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I have written a brief observation on the significant of Wagyu beef Melts In The Mouth!  But for a resourceful informations on Wagyu grab : The Wagyu Book will teach you about wagyu and how to eat it.

This Japanese-derived beef, highly prized for its tenderness and taste, is making inroads in America. Beef lovers who think there’s nothing new under the sun probably haven’t heard of Wagyu, its place in cattle history and on the plates of future consumers. The Wagyu Book is a feast for the eyes that should set every reader on a course toward a more literal feast, one featuring Wagyu.

Crazy rich food is nature’s gifts. If you can’t buy much, buy little. Having a taste is life’s opportunity.

If you can’t buy much, buy little. Having a taste is life’s opportunity.

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Shabu-Shabu Wagyu

For your woderful Wagyu “Shabu-Shabu” dining experience visit Mo-Mo-Paradise, J’s Gate Dining food court in Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. Read what Anis Taufik has to say about his dining experience at Mo-Mo-Paradise the new Kual Lumpur’s hotspot. Appended below images of wagyu dine-availalable as captured by Anis Taufik:


Isn’t it wonderful!

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