Welcome to ‘和牛 Wagyu: the beef that ‘Melts in the Mouth’ and 燕窝 Yàn Wō: the edible swiftlet bird’s nest ‘Caviar of the East!

Dear honorable guests, ゲスト, 来宾 and أَضْيَاف‎.

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This is an Amazon.com U.S./international associate/affiliate website promoting from Malaysia sales and purchases of Amazon’s products: Wagyu the beef that ‘Melts in the Mouth’ and Yàn Wō the edible Swiftlet bird’s nests ‘Caviar of the East’ and not withstanding Amazon’s products in general available on Amazon’s e-commerce marketplace.


By virtue of affiliation, patrons to this website are not customers but ‘visitors’ and are customers only to Amazon’s e-commerce marketplaces and, as stipulated by Amazon Associate rule, I  am required to declare that “as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases” i.e. a small commission when you purchased Amazon’s products through this website. This website is also affiliated to Gearbest’s (products incoming), Newchic’s Women Fashion and Kid and Mom (check Amazon’s Women Outfits for comparison), Cellercise’s (products incoming) and E-Services (sevices incoming).

In the course of your navigation over the pages or posts of this website you may and may not like the Amazon’s products I painstakingly thought and picked would be of your worthwhile purchases and you still don’t like it as a matter of taste – my choices – and but wish to look further into the Amazon’s e-commerce marketplace to make your own choice, you are ushered once  you clicked any of the products displayed. Write the item you would like to survey on the Amazon’s search bar or click Departments‘ under the search bar where you guess where your item would likely be located and  sighted.

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This website sought initially to provide/channel importers, restaurateurs and for that matter foodie enthusiasts or taste buddies exclusive online sourcing at Amazon’s for the most sought-after:


1. Aroma of the Rising Sun” the succulent, marblous, gourmeting Wagyu: the beef that Melts In The Mouth! – (Arabic: لحم بقر ياباني). It is regretted that only a small quantity is available at Amazon’s e-marketplace.


2. And to traditional epicures of the “Yàn Wō’: The Edible Swiftlet’s Nest ‘Caviar of the East” crafted by the bird itself from it’s saliva and produced intuitively out of the many by the only and rare aerodramus fuciphagus specie of the swallow/swiftlet family of which the Wō the nest the Chinese believed contains the elixir of life, provider of prowess libido, rejuvenator of health especially of pregnant woman prior and post labor, and of life longevity.

Crazy rich and peculiar therapeutic food is nature’s gifts. If you can’t buy much, buy little what possible but don’t miss. Having a taste of especially  燕窝 Yàn Wō’ the elixir of longevity is life’s opportunity.

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Below are special posts with down-to-earth niche selection of Amazon’s products which are of interest in one way or another at a point of time in our lives rather than the awe-striking expensive taste buddies Japanese Wagyu beef or the be-dumb-founded peculiar taste Chinese ‘Caviar of the East’ Yàn Wō’ or the be crazy Indonesian Kopi Luwak.