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A Sarawakian, an East Malaysian, and a Malaysian

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I came from Sarawak. My home state Sarawak, an autonomous state in the Federation of Malaysia, known as the ‘Land of the Hornbill‘, is situated on the island of Borneo. Is has a unique indigenous people called the Dayaks. See the charming Dayak girls below.



Sarawak historically was under and a territory of the Sultanate of Brunei. Before the colonial days Sarawak was ceded by the Sultan of Brunei  to James Brooke a white man and was ruled successively by three white Rajahs, and not until 1963 with Malaya, Sabah and Singapore formed the Federation of Malaysia. The first white Rajah was James Brooke (installed 24 September 1841) a sturdy, shrewd, handsome guy and very British in look  (pic top most above) as painted by Francis Grant and died still a Rajah in 1868 AD.

A non-lawyer Law Graduate, a Civil Servant and a Retiree

I am a graduate of International Islamic University of Malaysia, a Malaysian citizen, and graduated in law way back in 1994 with an LL.B (Hons.) drgree and had never practiced law though and am still until today not a lawyer. The reason being that when I undertook the graduate course I was a minor government servant on study leave for four years and when I graduated I was already 41  years old.

uiamLeaving the civil service means leaving your statutory pension and gratuity behind and the privilege of the opportunity to buy a home to house the children on government loan with a fairly small interest at 4% and with life insurance, while buying a home privately through bank with the interest of 10% and no life insurance (which insurance company wants to give life insurance when one already old?) is a big burden and sacrifice.

To start anew at 41 as a lawyer without a home and pension in your old age is a dreadful.

So I continued as a civil servant after graduation and am now a pensioner, going 66, paid all my housing loan with the gratuity money I received on retirement, had worked in three departments of the Sarawak State Government, namely Lands and Surveys Department, Simanggang, Forestry Department, Sibu, and pensioned in Sarawak Islamic Religious Department in Kuching city, the capital of Sarawak.

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