Woman’s Avant-Garde Paraphernalia


Welcome to Amazon’s Woman Avant Garde Parphernalias which I am so happy pleased to present in this post to you.

Each link-text or image you click shall usher you to the product and gateways to other products, brands, patterns at Amazon’s e-marketplace.

Each product has customers’ reviews, some are many, some are just standard and some are none at all. Many reviews on one item are motivation to buy but I personally prefer to choose what I see attractive and will be beautiful on you. On the eyes of the beholder lies beauty.

I have run over hundreds of models parading the outfits from the formal to the casual and to the loose and I couldn’t go further because of page constraint. You can surf the Amazon’s boutique place for what you think is your best choice.

Let me begins presenting.

I found these amazing:

Amazon’s Everyday Versatile Style




Sunglasses: Christian Dior, BVLGARI, MAUI JIM, Prada

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Round Sunglasses will be most beautiful on you!

Handmade Ornaments

For handmades I have selected 12 items promoted from the recently closed Amazon Prime Day for your for your shopping pleasure i.e. all woman ring (of size Us L, US M, US S, Us 8, US 7 and US 6; earings and necklaces:


Amazon’s Jackets


Amazon’s Beauty is Your Soul


Amazon’s Anysize


Amazon’s Muryobao Adhesive


Amazon’s Shawl


Amazon’s Bra Glamorise


Amazon’sBra Sport


Amazon’sCasual Loose




Amazon’s Women Choices of Footwears for all occasions


To conclude, the items you see are the few I have selected out of the many which I can’t post all and of which I see good to my eyes. Wear and buy to wear and don’t be a miser to yourselves. Our personalities need to be brighten with good clothes which will boost our inner spirit which eventually enliven and shines our faces!

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