Dear ladies and buddies,

I do believe in love at the first sight and I can fall in love at first sight to as many I am attracted to and the truth I can’t help it. It does not only apply to man but to woman as well. However attraction are of two kind: sexual and love.

On wanting to fulfill the urge to have a partner for life of which sex is guaranteed one must be very very sure what made him or her attracted to to the other. If it is sex and beauty per se the marriage is not going to last long. It does not need a marital affairs to pull it down, just enough is boredom and incompatibility.


When a marriage is solemnized  a contract is made between you and your partner that you and your partner only and no one else other than both of you should share the joy and happiness of life together and together overcome the distractions of married life .i.e. most tempting marital affairs.

Is there any potion one could gulp every rising morning or every setting evening  to prevent oneself from having marital affairs?

The answer is yes, i.e.  determination with the foundation of your choice of your partner for life!

to be continued …


Alhaj@Alhaj ibn ibrahim Asysarawaky