Yan Wo – ‘Caviar of The East’ Edible Swiflet Bird’Nest


And to traditional epicures of the “Yàn Wō’: The Edible Swiftlet’s Nest ‘Caviar of the East” crafted by the bird itself from it’s saliva and produced intuitively out of the many by the only and rare aerodramus fuciphagus specie of the swallow/swiftlet family of which the Wō the nest the Chinese believed contains the elixir of life, provider of prowess libido, rejuvenator of health especially of pregnant woman prior and post labor, and of life longevity.

“Prized for centuries, edible bird’s nest 燕窝 Yàn Wō is a rare delicacy. It is one of eight nutritional treasures and is highly coveted in the Asian culture. Often referred to as the “caviar of the East”, bird’s nest is among the most expensive delicacies consumed by humans. Modern science has decoded the components in swallow bird’s nests. Thanks to that, we now understand the bird’s nest benefits scientifically. …” Read futher Hello Nests.

Surf Hello Nest, Echo’s Kitchen, and Daily Cooking Quest for holistic culinary experiences on Swiftlet bird’s nest cuisines.

Said to boost the immune system, strengthen respiratory functions, and nourish internal organs, they are recommended by TCM practitioners as a cure for bronchial problems such as chronic cough and asthma. Some people use them to complement other treatments intended to combat degenerative diseases. Increasingly, they are used for convalescence, post-natal and post-surgical. When taken regularly, they are believed to improve a person’s overall physical health and their mental dexterity. Read further Flavor & Fortune’s Bird’s Nest: The Caviar of the East

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  3. Premium Swiftlet Swallow Bird’s Nest – Tổ Yến Sào – 燕窝 – 燕窩 – Grade A – Free 2-day shipping by Hello Nest 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews.



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Crazy rich and peculiar therapeutic food is nature’s gifts. If you can’t buy much, buy little what possible but don’t miss. Having a taste of especially 燕窝 Yàn Wō’ the elixir of longevity is life’s opportunity.

Alhajibn Ibrahim Asy Sarawaky